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Alan’Geoffrey’Brown (06.04.1944 – 05.02.2016) Die Hard Walsall Fan

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60th Birthday Celebration 2004

The Early Years

The Early Years

It is with deep sadness that Makers lost one of its iconic characters.  After a brief illness Geoff was surrounded by his wife Collette and his 3 children, Jonathan, Victoria and Susan at the St Giles Hospice, Walsall when he died.

Geoff’s career with Makers started way back in 1985 where he worked on the tools for a while and was based on sites in London.  Geoff along with many at that time worked as a self-employed basis until he officially became a member of staff on the 1st November 1994.

Geoff now based in Birmingham in Summer Road, Erdington was the original home of Makers Western Division where he assumed the title Office Administrator.  There Geoff ran and coordinated the paperwork, wages and material purchases for the business.  As the business grew and developed so did Geoff’s role where he headed up the Purchasing department for both the Western Division in Shenstone and latterly the Parking Division of the Makers UK in Coventry.

Geoff retired from Makers in 2008 following the conclusion of the sale by Makers UK of the Parking Division and its return to Shenstone.

A fond farewell,

Dear Geoff,

“This is the second time you’ve left us!  You were the first person I met in Makers on my first day.  It wasn’t an easy introduction, I was 23 and you had just returned from illness.  I knew nothing about the business, you had all the knowledge, the pens and paper!

Our journey lasted 19 years at work where you taught me the complexities of concrete repair, nurtured me through difficult times and situations and provided the unwritten history and stories that make up the Makers legends.

IMG_4523 copy

You were forever the teacher, the go to person, the father figure to many, especially the younger members and the girls in the office. A stickler for accuracy with in depth knowledge of the business and its site operations and a walking encyclopedia that made you the fountain of knowledge before Google! Even at family times you opened your doors at Christmas to those unexpected company refugees, despite their glitter and gold they found solace, comfort and a warm welcome in your family home, despite their obvious intrusions.

Alan ‘Geoffrey’ Brown known affectionally as Geoff to us all watched us all develop, mature and grow.  You watched us grow old, have kids, get stressed and even promoted, yet you always maintained your character and you never looked any different.

Through my journey with Makers you were always reliable, gentle, and very slow to get angry, ‘the last one I put down to the tablets’, had a different way of thinking, but always protected the business.  You were my educator, my gatekeeper.

There are many funny stories, tales to recall which will be passed down in time, but for now I just want to say Thank You.  You were clearly missed the first time and you will be dearly missed again.  I think you will be pleased with what we have done, how we go about things and a large part of that is the influence you had on the people in the business.

DSCN0481 copyIMG_4547I was delighted that you and Collette were able to attend Peter’s retirement party at the Palace of Westminster, for many saw you in all your glory.  It was great that we could all enjoy and recall stories, and meet old friends and colleagues and relive old times!  We seldom get that chance.

When I was told of the sad news, my immediate thoughts were back in the upstairs bedroom in Erdington where our journey started.  Today I’m sad, a key member of our family has moved on but I look around me and see all the people you have helped and know that in some way ‘Geoff Brown’ will always be with us.

From all the boys and girls here thanks for everything Geoff you were a true Makers Man!”

Simon Lamb, MD

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