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Christmas Festivities at Teamworks

Ing 9100Budding drivers dreaming of Karting success gathered at the indoor Teamworks Karting venue at Digbeth, Birmingham.  The past 2 years champion Matt Hewetson was firm favourite at the start of proceedings but new additions and some lightweight apprentices provided stiffer competition.

32 drivers took to their mark whilst several onlookers provided medical doctors notes and a variety of excuses for not racing.  The only valid one of not being physically able to fit in a kart was accepted.Img 9096

img 8962Despite the familiarity of the trade, the new karts seemed incapable of overtaking and a form of assisted ‘bumping’ soon found to be a popular method in overtaking.  With old scores still left to settle it wasn’t long before a little ‘nudging’ became outright ‘slamming’ with several drivers being asked to return to the pits for a little chat!

Img 8996

“We would like to congratulate Sean Allsop, HSQE for coming a remarkable 3rd after last year’s performance who kept Matt at bay despite several attempts to overtake. 1st and 2nd were obviously lucky, lightweight and must have drawn pole every race.  I am not bitter!”

Course Correspondent

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