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Stuttgart; The Power Behind Sika Germany

With the advance of green technology, Makers were invited to inspect the new headquarters of Sika Germany in Stuttgart. The building designed to the German equivalent of BREEAM incorporated 30 tons of Sika products into the design using the latest developments by SIKA.tournew building  As well as the construction material technology Sika revealed its solar panel  generating offer.  The panels supporting structure are designed to complement Sika’s roofing systems and the whole of the site employs different solar formats and arrangement of panels to demonstrate generation possibilities.

solar systemgenerating

Each roof on the site has its own mini generation station using the generated energy to run and operate the plant manufacturing lines and office accommodation.  When the plant is not in use the generated electricity is returned to the domestic grid.

Sika have developed a system of car power generation and runs its own small fleet of sika carelectric smart cars, to demonstrate to prospective clients what is possible.

“Following the 43 megawatt solar panel installation at Allhallows we were keen to see what new developments there were in the market place and how we can offer them to our clients.”

Mike Wood – Makers National Bid Manager

“As a key partner to our business it is important for us to understand where their development market is taking them and whether it can benefit Makers and our clients in the long-term.”

Simon Lamb – Managing Director

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