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Makers Turbo Charged in 2013

As part of the Christmas Celebrations and to mark the end to 2013 the staff and employees gathered at Teamworks Karting, Birmingham to test out their racing skills and settle a few scores!

Teamworks provided us with a Grand Prix style event but with a slight twist of both the top six and bottom six drivers having their own final out of the 30 competing drivers for Champion Status or simply the wooden spoon.

“I was robbed, but second wasn’t too bad coming from 6th on the grid” – Matt Hewetson Senior QS.

Having reversed the qualifying positions for the finals, those who expected to be on Pole found themselves relegated to 6th which made for a dramatic final with only Andy Sheldon receiving a black flag.

“The guys were initially sceptical but then the “Young boy” in them takes over and they totally enjoy it,’s no wonder our insurance premiums are where they are !” – Simon Lamb MD

Congratulations to Kevin Arnold who eventually triumphed, commiseration to Matt Hewetson for a valiant defence of this title finishing 2nd from 6th on the grid, and the wooden spoon was a keenly fought contest between Barry Tooke and Tony Geary who appeared to be dragging shopping trolleys behind their karts!.Team tactics

“We all had a great time, it was awesome!  Thanks to the Directors for organising it, the lads thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Wayne Greenwood, Site Agent.

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