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Makers Completes a “Stirling Performance”

Makers has just completed the application of 5000m² of sprayed “Decseal” to replace the existing Tremco system over asphalt.

“Decseal” a Stirling Lloyd product manufactured and supplied in the UK was specified by the owners of the Kennet Shopping Centre in Newbury.  The existing system had become tired and was failing to cope with the demands of the asphalt substrate.  Stirling Lloyds spray applied “Decseal” system is fully reinforced to overcome the issues associated with asphalt substrates and can be applied in a range of colours incorporating a slip resistant wearing course.

“as with all systems the preparation is vital, especially when spraying, our biggest issue was the deck temperatures as asphalt substrates have significant solar gain, but we adapted our working methods to meet the challenges”

Kevin Arnold – Senior Contract Manager

“Our other car park systems do not involve spraying, so organisation is key to achieving good productivity.  Using our expertise in roofing where we used sprayed products has allowed us to adapt and apply those techniques necessary to apply the Decseal System correctly”

Simon Lamb – Managing Director

For more information regarding the Kennet project and Stirling Llloyd Decseal product, please contact our sales team, via email or alternatively call on 845 899 4444


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