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Makers Works “Guaranteed”

Makers recently completed the replacement of the exposed top decks at the Mill Lane MSCP in Margate. The original installation was showings signs of fatigue after 9 years and was not performing as expected.

Makers had issued a 10 year guarantee under the original contract and so the top deck system was replaced  with the Sika Pronto exposed deck system at no cost to the Client.  The works were completed within 3 weeks, 1 week ahead of schedule.

“Mill Lane was an excellent project and it is disappointing when things don’t quite go as expected, but we offer our guarantee in good faith as we believe in our project execution and product choices to resolve such issues..”

“Our guarantee must have substance and protect our Clients where possible, we have clearly demonstrated this at Mill Lane which will only provide confidence to others going going forward..”

Simon Lamb – Managing Director

” I was very impressed by the service and warranty received from Makers, they were true to their word, they replaced the surfacing and finished ahead of time, the car park looks as good as new..”

Luke Glover – Project Engineer Thanet Council






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