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Makers reinstate Imperial Landmark in Cheltenham

Nominated by the Cheltenham Civic Society as one of it’s top 10 buildings to be replaced in Cheltenham, Makers have transformed this 5300m² office block back to its former glory.

Built in 1973 the office block sits in the most complete regency town, and was rated as one of the best office developments in the region.  Developed by Land and House developments the structure replaced the Victorian New Club built in 1874 which was relocated to another part of the town.

Since 2009 the Quadrangle based on the Imperial Square had fallen into disrepair with protective scaffolding erected around it’s perimeter to prevent falling concrete facade hitting the general public and damaging property.

Once home to Kraft foods the general appearance was blamed as a catalyst for Krafts relocation.  Pressure was brought to the fore by Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood, who described it as a eyesore and that the Imperial Square office block should fit in with the surrounding regency buildings.  They confirmed that the business was relocated due to the buildings poor state of repair.

Makers were approached to assess the building and produce a specification to repair the external facade.  The Quadrangle comprises of commercial office space and ground floor retail units in a prestigious part of Cheltenham town.

Following investigation by Makers the reconstructed storey height stone panels were found to be heavily carbonated which allowed corrosion of the embedded steel reinforcement resulting in the spalling of the concrete cover to the steel.  Large sections of the existing facade were missing and had to be replaced with prebagged concrete repair products.

The reinstatement involved the cleaning of the existing surfaces by high pressure water jetting, detecting the areas requiring repair, making good and repairing the concrete surfaces.   To overcome the carbonation issues migratory corrosion inhibitors were applied to the structure.  The structure perceived to have water ingress issues had all sealant joints replaced and window seals renewed. Anti-carbonation coatings were applied to all surfaces for long term protection. This coating was colour matched to the existing stone.

Mark Cooke prospective Conservative candidate labelled the “Quad” as shabby and called for it to be demolished.  Following Makers transformation of the Quad, now business has already started to flock back to this controversial building.

Councillor Barbara Driver has welcomed the new Beer and Grill franchise and those that have taken on leases in the office area.

” before Makers input this building was under threat and disused by many, personally I think it now looks fantastic and is a building the people of Cheltenham can be proud of.”

Simon Lamb – Managing Director

“The Quadrangle is no more an eyesore, it looks great and compliments the area, hopefully those people who were not so keen appreciate its transformation”

Kevin Arnold – Senior Contracts Manager

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