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“Pink Ladies” hit the fleet!

Makers were delighted to unveil their fleet of Pink Ausa CE11 forklifts to those members of staff and family members who had lost their mums through cancer.

The project has taken 9 months to bring to fruition sourcing parts and forklifts culminating  in today’s dedication.

The Forklifts all presented in their “hot pink” colours also sported the names of the mums and the relevant awareness ribbon from which they suffered.

“we are extremely pleased with how these have turned out and I am sure the guys on site will appreciate what we have tried to achieve.  I know from the comments of everyone concerned that this has been a success and we look forward to seeing them on out sites UK wide.”

“Some of these forklifts started out as a crate of parts, I am astonished at the quality of the finished result.”

“They look absolutely great!”

Simon Lamb – Managing Director

 Girls take their toys out for a test drive!

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