Understanding the causes of concrete deterioration are vital in ensuring long term effectiveness from any remedial treatment undertaken to structures.

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  • Makers can assist is this respect, having Personnel trained in the various diagnostic techniques. We also have the necessary infrastructure resource to back up this investigation work.
  • Diagnosis of material issues can be followed up with proposals for independent remedial specifications and, where required, budget costings.
  • We undertake a complete dialogue with our Client during the investigation process, discussing the findings and arriving at a tailored solution.
  • There are of course a range of solutions, based on the anticipate service life of the structure and budget available.
  • It may of course be appropriate to recommend a phased approach, dealing with the immediate issues.
  • Makers can assist in all parts of this process, with independent advice and a structured testing methodology.
  • Specification and budget preparation
  • Report and Structural Appraisal
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Techniques used in evaluating material deterioration vary with the material being examined. Those commonly employed by Makers in evaluating concrete degradation, may typically be.

  • Carbonation testing
  • Hammer testing
  • Chloride analysis
  • Cement content analysis
  • ½ cell contour plotting (potential wheel or manual recording)
  • Corrosion rate analysis
  • EMAD evaluation


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