Makers are the UK preferred installer of the ?Emseal? range of movement and expansion joints.

image001Introduced into the UK 10 years ago by Makers, we have continued to successfully install the Emseal range into numerous structures providing watertight solutions to many industries.

The Emseal range is designed to each individual project and guaranteed for a period of 10 years backed by both installer and manufacturers? guarantees.

Joints are often ignored within the build of a structure with the design compromised, traded off against other issues, this has tended to lead to the dynamics and performance  requirements of the joint being misunderstood and poorly specified resulting in significant failures.

The failure of a joint to accommodate the movement of the structure over time will result in damage to the structure at its weakest point leading to significant costs of repair to the structure and joint replacement.

Emseal have a full range of joint solutions to cover all possible movement characteristics and Makers would be more than pleased to assist you in a finding the right a solution for your project.

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