concrete-repairs-1Makers is a founder member of the CRA (Concrete Repair Association) and is recognised throughout the UK as a leading concrete repair specialist.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in this field, Makers staff have demonstrated an understanding and ability to execute concrete repairs in a complete and professional manner. Makers staff have been instrumental in shaping the industry for many years as Technical Directors through to Concrete Repairers. Makers has played a pivotal role within concrete repair industry pioneering techniques of desalination and re-alklisation together with a creation of the Margel 580C vapour corrosion inhibitor.

Acting in the role of Principal Contractor Nationally for over 30 years, we have gained a vast knowledge of structural remediation to all types of projects and are well respected within the industry being used by many of supply partners to introduce and develop new products to the market. Makers approach is to contract in a proactive manner with its Clients to meet both the structural and financial needs of the project. Our experience and project delivery have been demonstrated the ability to manage and execute multi million pound projects.

We have demonstrated over time, our systematic approach to solving Clients specific needs and our able to see a project through from initial investigation, remedial proposals specification through to the completion of the final project. We strive to offer the best value solutions, latest technologies and commercial acumen to balance the needs, budgetary pressure and structural requirement.

We have seen all manner of concrete repair techniques come and go, until now when we see the use of a single system approach being utilised from repair to protective coatings. The system will usually comprise of a reinforcement primer, bonding bridge and the correct type of specified repair product compatible with the parent concrete. We firmly believe in having a comprehensive understanding of the mode of failure to fully understand the requirements of the structure so that we may design and offer lasting long term solutions. To that end, we believe that structures should be initially tested and investigated in order to produce successful concrete repairs and techniques.

icon_big_guarantee This approach to diagnostics has meant that the solutions we can offer, can be guaranteed by the company under its non diminishing warranty.
Concrete Repair Association LogoCPD Icon As active members of the CRA (Concrete Repair Association) we seek to promote and improve the standards in the industry in relation to contractors, suppliers and also improving the information available to Clients and there agents alike. This is done via exhibitions, open days, newsletters, case studies and CPD’s. Book a CPD Concrete Repair Seminar
icon_big_supply We work to the Highest Standards of workmanship and specification choosing products, systems and partners with proven track records, that operate nationally throughout the UK, offering support and advice in the ethos of partnering.
denver 2 This approach to Contracting was rewarded with the International ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) award for “Project of the Year Concrete Repairs 2006”. This was the first time, a UK contractor had been presented the award which was received at an awards ceremony in Denver, Colorado USA.
enfield Our approach to concrete repair, is one of the improving the longevity and structural capability of assets. We hope that our techniques along with manufacturers products can make an improvement to the built environment, arresting the need for demolition and lessening the impact of CO2 emissions. Sympathetic design, professional approach and proactive co-operation from all parties will result in successful projects as demonstrated by the award received from the London Borough of Enfield in 2007 (Enfield design awards for outstanding contribution to Enfields built environment – community buildings)
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Techniques used for both repairing and exposing deterioration in reinforced concrete. Those commonly employed by Makers in the repair of spalled or delaminated concrete, may typically be:

  • Mechanically breaking out defective concrete with
    percussion tools
  • Breaking out defective concrete by Hydro-demolition
  • Hand Placed Mortar Repairs
  • Repairs placed with fluid flow mortars
  • Repairs placed by wet and dry sprayed techniques
  • Application of surface levelling and pore filling materials
  • Application of anti-carbonation coatings