Makers is a leading structural refurbishment construction company in the parking sector.

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logo_bpa We have a vast knowledge of parking structures and the industry sector. Having completed over 900 car park refurbishment projects. We understand the “route” to a successful car park refurbishment as expected of a BPA member.
icon_big_awards We work to the Highest Standards of workmanship and specification choosing products and systems with proven track records receiving 4 national British Parking awards and 1 international ICRI award.
 logo_parkmark We would direct clients to achieve the ParkMark accreditation when considering a refurbishment scheme and can assist them in this process.
 icon_big_supply All our projects are considered on an individual basis regardless of size or complexity, in relation to Client requirements. Product selection is based on proven track record and partnering suppliers to achieve the best result for the structure and Client criteria.
 icon_big_guarantee Projects can be backed by our 10 year non diminishing company warranty or alternately insurance backed vehicles or manufacturers guarantees.
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